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Suggestion for Forum: Events/Exhibits (Completed)

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Good morning!

I just caught wind of an upcoming LEGO-related event at Cheekwood that I was going to post in the forums, but I didn't see a place for Events. (Totally understandable, given that no one has had events of any kind for the last year!) Could we have a forum dedicated to Events/Exhibits, so that if there's something cool coming to town or somewhere in the area (or maybe even just anywhere but that people might be willing to travel to go see, like something new at Legoland), users could post it to keep us all in-the-know? I don't do FB anymore to speak of, so sometimes I miss out on news or events. I'd love to be able to know when there are conventions or exhibits nearby, or to read people's experiences on places like Legoland or the Lego Discovery Centers.

By the way, here's the Cheekwood event information: https://cheekwood.org/calendar/nature-pop/. The works are by Sean Kenney, LEGO Certified Professional who's done tons of LEGO-based artwork and written numerous LEGO-related bboks.

Here are a couple of pics, just to pique folks' interest:



So cool!



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