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  • Who are the Friends of Music City Bricks?

    Music City Bricks

    Music City Bricks didn't get started by just one person. many people have helped get it going and keep it going over the years. You see, Music City Bricks is designed to be a gem for our community a place that parents, kids, adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) and other community members are just glad knowing it exits in their community.

    In addition to all of our FRIENDS that helped us get started and run our daily operations, we have a whole community of FRIENDS that pay a monthly subscription because they want to ensure we can always pay the rent, insurance and keep the lights on each month. Even if they don't make it into to buy something that month, they are happier knowing we still exist and will be there for them next month.

    We have a subscription system as a way to collect these generous monthly subscriptions.

    Founding Members - Friends of Music City Bricks

    • These are some big heroes of ours. They have put serious skin in the game. They took our dream and made it their dream. Then, they pulled along beside us and helped us make our shared dream a reality.
    • Our Founding Members earn their spots in this elite support group and make it on this list by invitation-only as a result of their amazing actions and attitude. 
    • They help us recruit our new subscribers.
    • Our Founding Members have contributed unfathomable numbers of hours of their own time sorting clearance LEGO sets out to the individual parts and colors to ensure we would have a vast inventory on opening day.
    • They have spent their own money to ensure we were able to take advantage of bargains even when we didn't have the funds available at the time.
    • They have driven untold miles chasing down bargains on LEGO sets, Craigslist finds, Facebook Marketplace listings, and even going-out-of-business sales for furniture and store fixtures.
    • They believed in our dream the moment we shared the idea with them and they fanned the flames of our own excitement with their fresh enthusiasm. 
    • Before we could even ask for their help, they were offering ideas, resources, and their own time and money.
    • Our Founding Members helped plan and host events, activities and workshops.
    • They helped generate and develop product and services ideas.
    • Our Founding Members are the heartbeat of what is so special about Music City Bricks.

    Regular Subscriber - Friends of Music City Bricks (Monthly Subscribe Now)

    • Our Regular Subscribers may have discovered us a little later in the game, but they fell right in and joined our efforts by signing up for monthly subscriptions because they want us to exist in their community next month and the month after.
    • These regular subscriptions help ensure we can pay rent each month and focus more of our efforts on making Music City Bricks a fun place to visit and less of our efforts just selling stuff to make rent. It is more important to us that you have fun on every visit than that you buy stuff on every visit.
    • Our Monthly Subscribers have a Forum where they can discus and plan together as they continue to make Music City Bricks awesome.

    Supporters - Friends of Music City Bricks  (Monthly Donation Support Now)

    • This is the option for folks that just want to help out the bottom line by chipping in five bucks every month. Call it buying us a coffee or helping pay for website hosting if you want. Whatever you call it, we call it awesome!

    Subscriptions - Music City Bricks

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